Summer Cologne for Men

Trojan has been a trusted name in men’s products for decades. Now, Trojan is expanding into the fragrance industry with their new summer cologne for men.

This is a logical next step for a brand which has long been associated with masculinity and intimacy. Be the one she remembers. Be the one who stands out from the crowd. By wearing Trojan’s summer cologne for men when you go out, you’re using an olfactory system hack that connects scents to memories - especially memories of people. In this case, memories of you. When you’re shopping for a new men’s cologne, shop Trojan Fragrances.

Why should I wear cologne?

If you don’t currently wear summer cologne for men as part of your grooming routine, you’re missing out on a tool you can be using effectively. Upon meeting you for the first time, a person’s initial impression of you will be whatever they see at that moment. A subtle, pleasant fragrance helps make that first impression a good one. This is a very good opener upon a first meeting with a potential new romantic partner. However, you’ll be surprised at how much people in general appreciate it when you smell great. This is true of business partners, friends, or the cashier behind the register at the store.

Cologne is a great tool for self-care

No matter what you’re doing in life, good hygiene will help you feel so much better. When you’re in the doldrums, a hot bath or shower and some clean clothes almost always helps you perk up. When you put a few fingertip-sized dabs of cologne behind your ear, or on the nape of your neck, you won’t need to worry about body odor offending the people around you. As a general rule of thumb, when you present yourself as someone who is clean and well-groomed, it shows that you care enough about yourself to put in the effort. Adding a masculine fragrance to a fresh haircut and clean clothes gives you the complete confidence package.

What do women want?

One way you can foster better relationships with the women in your life is to understand their perspectives on things. It’s generally understood that men are primarily attracted to women by visual cues. While visual cues are also important for women, their primary attraction route is through their sense of smell. Women appreciate good-smelling men. By wearing cologne as part of your overall good health and hygiene, you have an excellent shot of being the guy she thinks about when you’re not around.

Trojan Fragrances has partnered with Victory International

Trojan Fragrances is excited to be working with Victory International USA to leverage their global distribution network to bring our summer cologne for men to stores everywhere. Victory International is a privately-owned company. Instead of chasing quarterly profits at the expense of long term company health, we make substantial investments in the brands we partner with. Our goal is to help all of our clients grow into strong, recognizable brands with steady growth and a loyal customer base.


To learn how Victory International can help your company step up to the next level, send us a message via our website, or call us at (848) 888-3786.