Men’s Fragrances

Victory International is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of men’s fragrances. For more than three decades, Victory has been a well-established, family-owned fragrance business specializing in the design, development, marketing, and worldwide distribution of fine fragrances such as those for Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Carlos Santana, Niki Taylor, and XOXO. Victory currently owns the fragrance brands for Fred Hayman Beverly Hills, Cubano, Thrill, Elope, and most recently, Trojan™ Fragrances! 

As a privately-owned company, Victory International is not beholden to shareholders, focusing only on the immediate quarterly return. Instead, we make substantial investments in the brands we partner with. Our goal is to help grow brands and products into recognizable brands that will safely generate satisfied customers and profits in the long-term.


The Olfactory System

A major attraction point for women is the scent of a man is. Women form memories much more often based on scent than men, who generally rely first on sight. The appeal of wearing men’s fragrances is about creating a mood in your immediate vicinity. Studies have shown that the olfactory system - our sense of smell - creates the most vivid memories out of all five senses. The unique smells of people and places can bring back other associated memories in detail. Unfortunately, we cannot claim that men’s fragrances will guarantee you meet the woman of your dreams, they sure can help her remember you fondly.


Appealing fragrances for men

Most women enjoy fragrances on men that remind them of masculine things or ideas. Scents such as sandalwood, cedar, and tobacco evoke a classic, sophisticated scent. Whereas musk evokes a feeling of mystery. Citrus and spices often smell clean and energizing. Earth, pine and sea salt scents evoke exploration and adventure.


Marketing to the right audience

Scent itself is just as important as the quality of the the marketing campaign that is launched to create buzz and brand awareness. Often customers interested in men’s fragrances want something that will evoke feelings of prestige, strength, and confidence. With dozens of successful campaigns in our history, Victory International knows how to get your fragrance into the hands of the appropriate consumers.


In control from start to finish

As many understand creating a new product to market in any industry is challenging, specifically the fragrance industry which is extremely competitive. Victory International is involved in every step of the process when bringing a new fragrance to market. Our extensive industry connections and resources, aid in manufacturing, distribution, licensing, and branding products. Victory works closely with fragrance houses in creating the juice, proceeded by making appropriate agreements with vendors ensuring your fragrance is displayed store shelves and web pages. Victory takes full accountability in all steps in the creation of a fragrance.


Contact Victory International today

Victory International is eager to assist future brands/ licenses in bringing your new men’s and women’s fragrances to market. Our decades of experience in marketing, distribution, and manufacturing make us uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive array of services for our clients.

To get started, send us a message via our website, or call us at (848) 888-3786.