Genderless Fragrance

The idea of a genderless fragrance comes from finding the common experiences that bind us all together as humans. While men and women may have different criteria for some things, there are sensations that everyone can enjoy, regardless of sex. Trojan Fragrance For All is the newest genderless fragrance from the company. Invigorating notes of citrus fruits stimulate the senses, then fade smoothly into earthier scents like sandalwood and tobacco that add an air of mystery. It is a simple, yet potent combination of notes that help you get noticed. No matter who you are, Trojan Fragrance For All will help you smell fresh and feel confident. 

Mind Games

Aside from the confidence boost, certain aromas have an effect on the human psyche. For example, one 2014 study found that the scent of yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit similar to a lemon, had a demonstrable stress reduction effect. After the calming effects of citrus have started working, the other person will relax. 

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. By wearing a pleasant-smelling genderless fragrance like the one from Trojan Fragrances, you increase your chances of being remembered by everyone you talk to.

Enjoy higher self-esteem

When you’re having a bad day, cleaning yourself up is always a great way to feel a little bit better about things. A few small dabs behind your ear, no bigger than a fingertip, will keep you smelling fresh for hours. When you put in the effort of good grooming, it shows that you care enough about yourself to invest the time, energy, and money to maintain your appearance. Wearing a nice fragrance to compliment your hairstyle and outfit gives you the complete package for charm. Take care of yourself. You deserve to look good!

The Olfactory System

The olfactory system is located next to the limbic system in the human brain. Due to this spatial proximity, strong connections between the limbic system (memories) and the olfactory system (scents) are easily formed, in comparison to the other four senses. 

It is generally accepted that, on the whole, women have more sensitive senses of smell than men. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that they are also more put off by bad smells. Whether you’re a man or a woman yourself, the women in your life will appreciate a pleasant-smelling genderless fragrance like Trojan Fragrances For All.

A scent that really is for everyone

An advantage of marketing a genderless fragrance is your potential market size. You are able to possibly reach any customers with an interest in cologne or perfume. The global fragrances industry is valued at around $35 billion, expected to grow to $40 billion by 2025. 

Victory International USA has working relationships with over 40,000 retailers and distribution touchpoints in the United States - the world’s largest fragrance market - and additional partners overseas. Our job is to get your genderless fragrance into stores and in front of customers who want it.

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