Best Summer Fragrances for Men

Victory International has partnered with Trojan Fragrances to bring you the best summer fragrances for men. Trojan has been recognized as a leader in men’s products for decades. Expanding into colognes and fragrances is a smart move for several reasons. 

  • It keeps the company focused on its traditional core customer demographic, young bachelors.
  • The built-in name recognition of the Trojan brand gives them an advantage in marketing right out of the gate.
  • It increases brand visibility by making the Trojan name relevant in multiple product spaces.

Victory International is excited about our new collaboration with Trojan Fragrances. We look forward to working with them as they bring the best summer fragrances for men to customers all over the world.

The purpose of men’s fragrances

The best summer fragrances for men are bold, but not intrusive. Colognes are worn by men to make an impression. It’s a subtle way of making yourself memorable. Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the one that creates the strongest bond between stimulus and memory. This is especially true of women, who generally have a more finely-tuned olfactory system. The smell of a salty ocean breeze can instantly take you back to that beach vacation you went on. Baked apples and spices may remind you of eating apple pie at your grandmother’s house. Pine can remind you of a camping trip, and stone a hike through the mountains. When you first meet a person, the scent you have chosen will help that person remember you.

A fragrance in three notes

The word “note” has a slightly different connotation when referring to fragrances. An individual scent has three notes: the top note, which you smell right away; the heart note, which you notice after the top note; and the base note, which lingers longest. Popular top notes tend to be those of citrus fruits and pleasant smells like lavender. Flowers, fruits, and spices are widely used in heart notes. The base note, which forms the foundation of a fragrance, is often made with scents of different woods, or vanilla. 

Each note has a different duration of effect. Top notes can last from as few as 15 minutes, up to 2 hours. Heart notes will remain noticeable for 3-5 hours, while your base notes will generally last between 5-10 hours. 

We’ve all been around the stereotypical guy in the bar or nightclub wearing too much cologne. Remember: a little bit goes a long way! With most fragrances, you’ll only need to apply a very small amount to get the perfect aroma level. Even something that smells wonderful will become off-putting if you overdo it. 

Try new men’s summer cologne from Trojan Fragrances

Victory International USA is proud to partner with Trojan Fragrances, to help promote and expand the fragrance industry. As a longtime producer of men’s products, Trojan expanding into the men’s fragrance industry is a natural, logical expansion of their traditional business model. Trojan’s new Eau de Toilette for men aims to be one of the best summer fragrances for men this summer. 

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